WebExpo 2024 Talk


Last year I went to WebExpo Prague to see the conference in person and I really enjoyed it. One of the first things that went through my mind was: I want to speak on that stage as well.

This year I'm selected as one of the speakers of the conference with my talk: Legacy revived - Migrating a frameworkless PHP app to Laravel with Vue.js frontend.

This is going to be my first time speaking on an international stage, but at least it's not going to be the first time I'm presenting in English, so fingers crossed that I won't freeze on stage.

A little bit about my talk, it's connected to one of the projects that my team and I are working on for the last couple of years, and our journey to migrating one ancient codebase to something more modern, which started as a plan to just redesign the website. I'll be talking about what decisions we made during the process, what worked and what didn't. What challenges we faced during the process, which I can tell you is still not finished. There is still work to be done and lessons to be learned about some things. I'll put some things that we changed during the process:

  • PHP7.3 -> PHP8.1
  • No Framework -> Laravel
  • Outdated composer libraries -> Up-to-date libraries
  • No responsive version -> Fully responsive website
  • Old vanilla JS libraries used -> Migrated to modern solutions
  • jQuery -> VueJS
  • Added Storybook
  • Added VueJS components testing
  • Added Cypress tests
  • Added TailwindCSS

Since the main idea was to make a redesign of the website there was no way of doing things gracefully and one by one. We had to release the whole thing at once, which of course is not the best solution for something that big. We went through few stages before completely replacing the old website with the new one, but more on the topic can be heard on 30th of May in Prague or later on YouTube.

Thank you for reading, and let's connect!